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Emily the Muse

Tuesdays 8pm Central/9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific 

Enjoy a lovely hour with your host Emily Eldredge as she shares inspiring stories, wisdom, songs, and conversations with amazing people – all to help YOU clarify and commit to whatever brings you joy. Listen as Emily guides you with loving, encouraging words to discern your faith from your fears, your intuition from your insecurity, your heart from your head. Feel rejuvenated and empowered, knowing that committing to your joy is committing to your own power, clarity, and freedom. Take a DEEP BREATH… and JOIN the JOURNEY of JOY. For more on Emily, click here

 Archives: Emily The Muse

Date: November 16, 2010
Boundaries… We talk about respecting them, violating them, setting them, not having them, having them, not know where to put them, etc. What are “boundaries”, exactly? What determines whether or not and where we set them? When is it best to set them, and when is it all right to let them slide? How would it feel to not even need to “set boundaries” at all? Emily’s discussion may cross some lines, but you’re bound to hear some enlightening wisdom to help you navigate blurry or emboldened boundaries in your own life…

Date: November 9, 2010
I’m such a perfectionist… Ah, the wonderful and sometimes dreaded and paralyzing perfectionism… What does it mean to be a “perfectionist”? What drives our desire for perfection? For that matter, what can we even define as “perfect”? Do we ever get to that point when we can say something is finally, inarguably “perfect”? Emily looks at perfectionism and what lies underneath this sometimes obsessive tendency, as well as how perfectionism can sometimes be a major inhibitor of progress and joy…

Date: October 26, 2010
Your body has messages for you… But what are they? Most of us have been taught to see our bodies’ symptoms as “problems”, as “getting in the way”, and needing to be fixed. But what if symptoms and disease are ways that our body communicates deeper messages with us – we’re just not listening? Tonight Emily delves into the emotional causes of disease – starting with the word itself: “dis-ease”. She shares her struggles with allergies, eczema, asthma, and cystic ovaries, and how her symptoms are now 95% gone! If you and anyone you know are dealing with any kind of symptoms or a full-blown disease, you do not want to miss this show…

Date: October 19, 2010
We have all struggled at one time or another with painful emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, etc. They can feel so overwhelming and overpowering – to the point where we feel like they have all the control, and we’re just along for the ride. Why do emotions make us feel so out-of-control, and why does trying to control them rarely work? Emily answers questions such as: What exactly is an emotion – physically and energetically? What determines its power over us and how do we stop being at the mercy of our emotions?

Date: October 12, 2010
Description: How Authentic are YOU? Let’s be honest here… How YOU are you? Are you fully, authentically you with everyone in your life? With anyone in your life? With yourself? How honest are you with yourself about how you truly feel, what you truly want, who you truly are? Do your choices reflect the true you – or an imagined you? Are you living your life for yourself or for others? There is no peace in denying who we are. So why do so many of us try to be who we are not? How does it feel when we are not being ourselves – and how does it feel when we are? Emily takes on the task of uncovering why we are afraid to be authentic, what it means to be authentic, and who is this “self” we’re afraid to be… Will the real You please stand up?

Date: October 5, 2010
Description: Despite a childhood of intense pain and confusion (or perhaps that should say “due to”), Marianne Weidlein has emerged as an expert in self-mastery, peak performance, relationship, intentional manifestation, and self-employment. With 40+ years of experience in business, human potential development, and awakening spiritual awareness, Marianne helps people achieve peace, success, and freedom on all levels. A true wise woman of our age, she shares with us wonderful gems of wisdom to help us cultivate our magnificence. Also, listen as Emily shares her emotional struggle over a past relationship and Marianne guides her to greater clarity and peace through a sample of her empowering process called Reflective Questioning

Date: September 21, 2010
Description: Have you ever wanted to just burst out into song? Have you ever wondered what would happen if your voice opened up to its highest, most vibrant expressiveness? For years, Debbie Martin’s gorgeous singing voice was blocked due to painful events in her life. However, as a result of her struggles, she has re-opened her vocal capacity and can teaching us how to free the blocked energy within our own voice, express our truth, and experience greater spontaneity and joy in our own lives! Featured during the show are 2 songs sung by Debbie, so get ready to hear some beautiful music! For more, please visit

Date: September 7, 2010
Description: Feeling lost, without a clue, scared, alone – searching for answers and clarity but finding none? You’d like to “commit to your joy”, but hell if you should even know what that is! What on earth do you do? Where do you go from here? Emily delves into the great unknown and shares what she’s learned from being in “The Void” – how she went from not knowing what brings her joy, to knowing what brings her joy but not sure how to implement it, to navigating the sometimes murky waters once you’re on the other side. It all starts with admitting you don’t know.

Date: August 31, 2010
Description: Do you want to survive or thrive? The soul craves freedom and joy – the freedom of self expression and the joy of being. This is your inheritance and your birthright. Sometimes, though, it takes practice to recapture the joyous freedom of your true self. Listen in as Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes shares with us stories from her amazing life journey, how she became Senior Minister of the Center for Spiritual Living, and now co-author of the wonderful Joyous Freedom Journal. Listen as Petra inspires us all to joyously thrive and freely flourish! Discover that you are truly free to create heaven on earth… About Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes Senior Minister of the Center for Spiritual Living since 1998, Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes is a powerful, gifted speaker and teacher whose visionary role has created a dynamic spiritual community in Dallas, empowering and transforming lives. In her 25 years of ministry, Rev. Dr. Petra has led workshops, conferences and seminars on a local and national level and is actively involved in interfaith projects in the Dallas community.

Date: August 24, 2010
Description: When Love Goes “Wrong”… What if It’s Actually Going Right? Relationships can be a roller-coaster of bliss and disappointment, needs meet and hopes dashed. And, when they end, the heartache can be utterly unbearable. Why does love feel this way? Why do we go through such horrible pain? And how do we heal those parts of us that have been so burned, that still ache for the other’s affection? Emily takes a compassionate look at relationship struggles we encounter: what they mean, how to transcend them, and how they always guide us to even greater, deeper love than we ever imagined on other side of the pain.

Date: August 17, 2010
Description: What If Slowing Down Is the Fastest Way to Joy? Stop for a second and take a deep breath….Didn’t that feel wonderful? When something as simple as a breath can provide a moment of peace, why are we all in such a rush? What are we running to… and what are we running from? Emily provides comforting wisdom about the power of slooooooowing doooooown and being patient – with ourselves, with others, and in all aspects of our lives.

Date: August 10, 2010
Description: Whether during childhood or adulthood, we have all encountered mean, abusive people in our lives. These people can make us feel absolutely horrible about ourselves – and no matter how many peaceful overtures we may make towards them (or even how many times we fight back) often their abuse continues. So what does this say about them? Also, what does it say about us? How do we stop being afraid of their abuse? Better yet, how do we stop the abuse?
Emily shares with you the wisdom of the ages as well as her own insights and experiences when it comes to facing abusive people – including how bullies can sometimes be a blessing in disguise, guiding us to greater joy in our lives.

Date: August 3, 2010
Description: You and money are having an affair – a deep, emotional, long-term affair. However, money has no feelings for you. So what are you doing having feelings for money? Emily identifies and demystifies the relationships we have with money – from cantankerous, argumentative antagonism to a deep, emotional long-term affair – and how these “secret trysts” affect our lives, our attitudes, and the choices we make. Listen as Emily helps you identify your secret relationship with money and teaches you how to create a new one based on love, trust, and whatever other yummy feelings you want to feel…This fascinating, enlightening show will change your relationship with money for the better – FOREVER!

Date: July 27, 2010
Description: Yoda has a message for you… It is frequently said, “May the Force be with you.” But what if the Force is with you – you just have yet to tap into it? Listen in to Emily’s fun, revealing exploration of the many empowering, spiritual messages embedded in the Star Wars story and characters – especially those that teach us how to Master our lives and uncover our inner Jedi!

Date: July 20, 2010
Description: If you have ever struggled with fear or are currently struggling with it, this is a show you absolutely must listen to. Emily devotes an entire hour to exploring and debunking all aspects of fear: the disguises it wears, how to recognize it, why we feel it, our various “relationships” with fear, what they mean, and how to release our fear-of-fear forever. With inspiring quotes, a hilarious clip from the Meg Ryan film French Kiss, and a “visit” from Yoda, you will be surprised, enlightened, and comforted as you come to realize why none of us have any reason to fear… fear.

Date: July 13, 2010
Description: Wrestler, poet, MBA, and father of two little girls, Paco Torres is just like a lot of people… and a little different, too: he was born without legs. Listen in as Paco shares with Emily his experience growing up without legs, how he gets around, how he deals with people’s reactions, the challenges he has faced, what he has accomplished, some of his delightful children’s poetry, and – most importantly – the wisdom he’s gained along the way.

Date: July 6, 2010
Description: Muse Special: Aren’t You Tired of Feeling Criticized? We live in a culture of criticism – to which it seems no one is immune. The same people revered for their accomplishments are also reviled for their faults. Even Mother Teresa had her critics! Why is this? What is all this criticism about? Most importantly, what about the inner and outer critics you have in your life? Why are you so self-critical, and why are others critical of you? How can you permanently “immunize” yourself against criticism?
This is a very special Emily the Muse show in which Emily devotes the entire hour to addressing questions, fears, and issues around criticism of yourself, criticism of others, others’ criticism of you, and society’s overall tendency to criticize

Date: June 29, 2010
Description: What Is the Power of “Ugly” Dancing and Sacred Sexuality? Life Purpose Coach, burlesque dancer, and overall authenticity fanatic, Lisa Carmen is one “perfectly imperfect almost-40 goddess” with a passion for re-connecting sexuality with spirituality and people with themselves. Listen in on Emily and Lisa’s refreshing and wild conversation as they cover everything from surprising relationship choices to “ugly” dancing to SacredSexyU!

Date: June 22, 2010
Description: From struggling with alcoholism to losing his sister a few years ago, Greg Glancy has been through his share of darkness and heartache. Yet, today, he’s happier than ever, pursuing a passion he never dreamed he would have. Listen to Greg as he shares his insights about addiction, honesty, finding your true passion (or, rather, letting it find you), and the wonders of rare tea!

Date: June 15, 2010
Description: How Did Julie Hersh’s Deepest Pain Result in Her Greatest Joy? Beautiful, intelligent, and talented with a loving, successful husband and two wonderful kids, Julie Hersh had everything most women only dream of…So why did she try to commit suicide 3 times? Listen as Julie shares with Emily moments from her incredible journey and how she parlayed those years of struggle into the manifestation of a life-long dream: writing a book.!

Date: June 8, 2010
Description: How Did This First-Time Dallas Filmmaker Make It to Cannes 2010? …and what do lawsuits, squirrels, dead birds, and a missing wedding ring have to do with it? Listen as Shalene Portman regales Emily with her stressful and sometimes hilarious journey as a first-time filmmaker – including how she got her film into the marché at Cannes!

Date: June 1, 2010
Description: How Did This Man Go from Addiction to Founding a Radio Network – in Less Than One Year? …and what happened when a man high on heroine threatened his life? Kevin Foresman shares with Emily the scary, roller-coaster life he was living before he finally woke up and arrived at his true joy – founding the Enlumnia Radio Network.

Date: May 24, 2010
Description: Emily’s first show on Enlumnia wher we get to know more about Her, what a “muse” is, and why she inspires many today.