Oracle Card Reading, Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Dallas TX

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Oracle Readings are a way to receive spiritual guidance. Oracle cards are used to aid your own intuitive guidance regarding past, present and future people, places and situations. Oracle cards are also known as Angel Cards which specifically help us call out for guidance from our guardian angels and spirit guides. We can also seek guidance from our spirit animals using spirit animal cards with guidance from ancient shaman spirits. Our oracle cards are spiritually cleansed with reiki energy and very carefully cared for. You will take the cards and shuffle the deck infusing the cards with your energy. One, three or seven cards can be chosen to help receive their guidance.

Oracle card readers Kevin and Lisa Foresman are very careful with their interpretation of the cards displayed and gently guide you towards making your own assessment from the spiritual guidance revealed. Although we receive some psychic inclinations during these sessions, sometimes the message are for us alone, and sometimes we are guided to reveal the messages to the client. All the answers to our questions about our lives, our careers, soulmates and ways of being are most profound when they arise within ourselves. As you choose your cards and sense the synchronicity between your thought, actions and feelings, and connect them with other advice or knowings you have received, the experience can profoundly affect your direction and course of action henceforth.

Oracle Readings: $249 – 60 minutes

For more info, please call (214) 810-4816