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You Are Here For a Purpose. Learn what the Sun, Planets and Stars want you to know!

There is no other person on the planet that has your unique soul signature. By using the methodology of Step Astrology that combines numerology and sacred geometry along with the ancient art of astrology, Astrologer Lisa Foresman will explore your natal chart with you  to get an astounding deeper look into your life’s journey. This session will help reveal the life you were born to live, your gifts, natural talents, weaknesses and the karmic patterns you are on a journey to heal to unleash your true inner power, love and light. 

Sessions are conducted via Zoom and includes a copy of your zoom recording and pdf of your natal chart

Astrology Reading

60 Minutes via Zoom – $129

What is a Natal Chart?

A natal chart, also known as a birth chart or astrology chart, is a circular map that shows the position of the planets at the time and place of a person’s birth. The chart is divided into 12 houses, each representing a different area of life. The houses are ruled by zodiac signs, ranging from First (Ascendant) to Seventh (Descendant) to 10 (Midheaven) and reaching completion at 12. 

To create your natal chart, Lisa inputs your birth details into a program to pull up your natal chart, which will include the following information: Name, Birth day, Birth time, City of birth, and Longitude and latitude. 

Each planet and celestial body has a symbol, also known as a glyph. Every planet also occupies a zodiac sign. The planets in the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses exert a strong influence in personality and career, while the planets in the second, fifth, eighth, and eleventh houses involve finances, creativity, and transformation. The planets in the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth houses develop aptitude and unique talent. 

The natal chart, carefully read and analyzed by Lisa, tells a story about what your soul came here to do, learn and become. 

What is Step Astrology?

Step Astrology is a modern astrology system that combines numerology and sacred geometry. It was created by Astrologer Christopher Witeki, founder of Sirius Joy and is one of my favorite astrologers. I have been incorporating his step astrology system into my own life and analyzing natal charts for the last 2 years.  His astrology system has helped me understand who I am on a deeper level and how to live my life in a way that flows with the cosmic energies. My sun is at step 21° Capricorn, rising at step 28° Cancer, and moon at step 9° Virgo Moon.

According to my step astrology, I am a natural born leader and teacher with the skills to become a master manifestor who loves healing, transformation and lifestyle! Does that sound like me?

In your reading, I will look at the placement and step degree of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Nodes and other key personal and generational planets within the zodiac and the 12 houses. We will explore who you are and what lights you up, your strengths, weaknesses, past lives, hidden gifts, relationship themes and where your soul is heading to reveal more of your life path and soul purpose. Are you ready to get the astounding cosmic view of who you are? Book your astrology reading today!

Astrology Reading

60 Minutes via Zoom – $129

Lisa Foresman: Astrologer & Soul Coach

Lisa Foresman is an Astrologer, Quantum Human Design Specialist, Reiki Master Teacher, LMT, Sound Healer, Spiritual Life Coach. She believes that the healer is within each individual person and that the most important journey in this lifetime is the deep knowing and care of one’s own body, mind and spirit. At Enlumnia, her commitment is to support and guide you in your healing and spiritual growth so you can live your heart’s highest truth by embodying peace, love, joy and wisdom.