Spiritual Life Coaching and Personal Development

Where has the magic gone? Has life become mechanical, dull and boring? Do you feel burned out from life’s daily responsibilities? Are you feeling stuck in your relationships? Is it time for a career change to a more fulfilling job? Dealing with a recent breakup or divorce? If you feel challenged by your life’s circumstances, you are not alone.

Imagine waking up each day excited about your life and career. Imagine feeling appreciated for your unique contributions. Picture yourself surrounded by authentic friendships that uplift and respect you. See yourself dealing with life’s challenges from a place of curiosity, confidence and patience. Above all, envision an empowered life where you prioritize self-love, self-care, and personal growth, allowing you to create the life you deserve.

Opportunities and Outcomes of Enlumnia Coaching

With Enlumnia Coaching, we coach our clients through personal crisis, relationship issues, career changes, addictive behavior, anxiety, depression, and feeling numb. We help our clients proceed forward into a healing state of calm presence, inner knowing, moving out of a state of stuckness into confidence, focus and self control. Moving from crisis to calm, and learning how to turn our wounds into wisdom, you can begin to create a roadmap that can lead you towards uplifting goals and transformational outcomes, such as:

Releasing judgments and negative self talk

Shifting to a positive mindset

Developing a sense of empowerment

Discovering your true purpose

Uncovering your internal blocks to happiness

Discovering your own spirituality

Knowing who you truly are

Learning to listen to your intuition

Healing past wounds

Manifesting what you want in life

Finding appreciation and joy 

Navigating difficult life challenges

If any of these situations or opportunities resonate with you, then you are probably a perfect candidate for Enlumnia Coaching. It’s time to allow yourself the personal freedom to make new, better healthy choices, begin the deep healing work to get unstuck, manifest a new beautiful and brilliant you, discover liberation from what no longer serves you, and create the life you deserve that is your birthright.

Enlumnia Coaching for Healing and Transformation

Enlumnia coaching helps you heal, grow and evolve. Spiritual coaching involves adding a spiritual element to the traditional coaching relationship. We guide clients to find inner happiness, peace and harmony while supporting them on their journey to finding their own sense of healing, wholeness and wellness. You can also add additional energy healing to your coaching to further instill the knowledge and course of action gained from the coaching. 

As spiritual coaches, also called a spiritual life coach, we explore with you the deeper connections between ourselves and spirit, or source energy. We help clients gain a new or deeper understanding of the world they live in and the energies that flow within it and around us. Through our work with you, our spiritual life coaching will use conversation, powerful healing tools and coaching methods to support your soul’s journey. We act as spiritual guides to help you unleash self-trust, inner knowing, self confidence and compassion for yourself and others.

By finding energetic balance, making peace with your past, and creating a customized plan of action to move forward, you can experience newfound freedom and tap into manifesting creative energy flow. You can be the source of your own happiness, love, peace, and yes, magic!

To purchase, choose form our coaching packages below or call/text (214) 810-4816 for to learn more.

Enlumnia Coaching Packages with Lisa & Kevin

Empowered Living

8 Week Healing Journey with Lisa Foresman

Empowered Living is a transformational journey to help you clear and heal old stories, limiting beliefs, emotional, mental and physical patterns in a specific area of your life. Whether you are dealing with challenges in relationships, divorce, career path, health, wealth or at crossroads of any kind, this 6 session journey will transform and elevate your energetic foundation to create and navigate life from your highest heart-centered consciousness for empowered living.

The journey includes a Divine Blueprint Natal chart reading, two 90 minute healing/coaching sessions and three 60 minute Zoom coaching sessions over the course of 6-8 weeks. The healing sessions include a customized combination of any of these services: chakra assessments, reiki, chakra balancing, sound healing, reiki massage, breath work, and guided meditations. Weekly homework will be assigned to help you initiate change with action. By the end of this healing journey you will feel empowered and at peace and have the essential mind/body tools needed to continue building your life from a place of harmony, confidence and authenticity.

Investment: $1399

Pay in Full or 2 Payments ($699.50 over 2 months)

Reinventing Yourself

Transform Wounds Into Wisdom with Kevin and Lisa Foresman

Reinventing Yourself: Transform Wounds Into Wisdom is an 8 week transformative hybrid course guiding you to reinvent yourself.  Find and release trapped emotions that hold us back and desire to be heard, and learning to feel energy and heal with Reiki. This course is designed to empower you to heal emotional wounds, release energetic blockages, and align with your true essence to manifest the life you desire. Through a combination of self-reflection, experiential exercises, and hands-on healing techniques, you will gain the tools and insights needed to create a life filled with purpose, abundance, and joy.

Module 1: Discover Your Unique Quantum Human Design

Module 2: Release Trapped Emotions and Unconscious Negative Behavior

Module 3: Learn How to Self Heal, Live Mindfully and Stay Grounded

Module4: Wounds Transformed into Wisdom – Manifest The New You

Investment: $1,600

Pay in Full or 2 Payment2 ($850 over 2 months)

Embody Your Divine Design with Lisa Foresman

Embracing Your Authentic Self – A Chakra Healing Journey

Embody Your Divine Design is a sacred and transformational healing journey to discover your unique divine blueprint. We will travel through the seven levels of your embodied spirit, the 7 main chakra system, along with the specific gates and channels that are unique to your human design to activate your body’s inner healer and reveal your unique soul gifts and divine expression.

This journey will help you clear and heal old stories, limiting beliefs, emotional, mental and physical patterns that keep you from living your best life. You will write a new story, the one you were born to live, that is aligned to your soul’s purpose and your heart’s deepest desire.

By the end of this healing journey you will know the basics of your human design and how to manage, care for and express your creative physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies in relationship to the outside world and the cycles of cosmic energies. You will be living and creating your most authentic life with confidence, harmony and with your heart joyfully open. I am excited to embark on this incredible journey of a lifetime with you!


  • 1 – Natal Chart/ Divine Blueprint Reading (90 min)
  • 8 – Coaching Sessions via Zoom (60 min each)
    Chakra Ebook
    Weekly Chakra Assessments
    Weekly Homework

  • 8 – Customized Healing/Coaching Sessions (90 min each):
    Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Sound Healing, Reiki Massage, Breathwork, Guided Meditations, Tarot Oracle Readings
  • 1 – Divine Blueprint Light Code Activation

Investment: $3,600

Pay in Full, 2 Payments ($1800 over 2 months) or 6 Payments ($642 over 6 months)

The Journey of Your Soul with Kevin Foresman

Healing Past Lives to Manifest Future Well-Being

This unique coaching experience offers a holistic approach to healing by exploring the incarnations of the soul through past life regression, life between lives, and future life progression. Participants will engage in spiritual life coaching and hypnosis sessions to address karma, heal past wounds, and gain insights into their soul’s journey.

In this 22 week course, you will embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing by exploring the incarnations of your soul. Through guided hypnosis and intuitive coaching sessions with Hypnotist and Life Coach Kevin Foresman, together you will address karma, past wounds, and current life challenges. You’ll gain valuable insights, practical tools and techniques to empower yourself as you mindfully travel on your soul’s path towards spiritual and emotional well-being.

This course includes:

  • Orientation & Attunement
  • 3 Past Life Regressions
  • 2 Soul Retrieval
  • 1 Life Between Lives Sessions
  • 1 Future Life Progression
  • 10 Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions

This course provides a structured and holistic spiritual approach to soul exploration and healing, helping participants address deep-seated issues and find greater peace and fulfillment in their lives in order to better manifest the current and future incarnations

Investment: $3,600

Pay in Full, 2 Payments ($1,850 over 2 months) or 6 Payments ($625 over 6 months)

Enlumnia Coaching Team: Lisa & Kevin Foresman

Kevin Foresman is a Reiki Master, Past Life Regression Hypnotist, Mindfulness Meditation Trainer, Master Holographic Sound Healer and Ordained Non-Denominational Minister. Kevin has been practicing the art of in-person and long distance healing for nearly two decades. He is a gifted natural channel of life force energy and spiritual wisdom. At Enlumnia, Kevin is committed to helping you release what no longer serves you, access higher levels of consciousness, health, prosperity and wellness, and manifest the life you truly desire and deserve. 

Lisa Foresman is a Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist, Sound Healer, Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher. She believes that the healer is within each individual person and that the most important journey in this lifetime is the deep knowing and care of one’s own body, mind and spirit. At Enlumnia, her commitment is to support and guide you in your healing and spiritual growth so you can live your heart’s highest truth by embodying peace, love, joy and wisdom. 

Heal Body, Mind & Spirit with Enlumnia Life Coaching

Our professional life coaching will work on root causes below the surface rather than treating the superficial symptoms. The question is, what do you want to consciously create? Do you want to own your power? Do you desire growth, progress, abundance, love, and deep satisfaction from your life? The growth and personal self development that is accomplished with our spiritual coaching includes enhancing your connection to the divine intuition, working in flow with the universe, taking control of your health, happiness and well being, stepping into your own personal power, shifting your subconscious patterns and programming, and returning to a state of graceful, relaxed presence of mind. Spiritual life coaching through gentile self reflection and guidance will allow you to release that which no longer serves your spirit and reclaim your freedom, liberty and entitled destiny. 

Lisa and Kevin Foresman are qualified spiritual life coaches ready to help mentor your personal and spiritual growth. We will set intentions for the sessions which can be related to personal development, family relationships, creative manifestation, addiction support, soulmate attraction, past relations cord cutting, professional business development, connecting to spirit, and intuitive or psychic mentorship. Sessions are 60 minutes, and we recommend at least 4 sessions to be able to set goals, work towards them, monitor progress and begin to see results. And if you are so guided intuitively, you can add a customized healing experience to your coaching session when scheduling.

We are so excited to experience you on your amazing journey of healing, self discovery and personal development, and we would be honored to be chosen as your own personal guide!