House Energy Cleansing: Office Space, Property Energetic Clearing

House cleansing is a type of energy healing for the home, often referred to as space cleansing and land clearing. Is the atmosphere in your home feeling a bit stagnant, like the energy just isn’t flowing? Are you feeling lethargic and unmotivated, or having trouble sleeping? It may be that the energy in your home or office has become stuck or stressed and needs to be cleared. Energy cleansing for a space, room, house or land to release negative energy and resolve any energetic issues. Great to perform before moving into new home and office, or if unusual spirit activity arises after inhabiting.

Enlumnia provides energetic space cleansing to remove negative energy, restoring harmony and vitality back into your home or office. Your indoor space will be energetically refreshed, cleansed and balanced. You can enhance your space cleansing experience by adding on onsite chakra balancing for you and your family members, including pets. Also, add on energy clearing for your front and back yard or for additional acreage surrounding the home or office.

Space Cleansing: $222 – 60 mins 

Additional Onsite Home/Office Space Clearing Services

Chakra Balancing for the home owners or family members is a great add-on to enhance your experience. While on location, cleanse you, your family or office staff’s chakras so we don’t bring back bad vibes into the cleared space.

1 Family/Staff Member* – $99

2 Members – $149

3 Members – $199

4 Members – $249

House Pets – $49 per pet

Land Clearing is wonderful to make sure all energetic spaces and boundaries around your space are clean, cleansed and protecting your home or office space. Cleanse your outdoor space, land or building to ground bad energy and render old outdated contracts to the land null and void.

Front & Back Yard (up to 1/2 acre) – $99

Larger Properties (up to 1 acre) – $149

Multiple Acres – $199

Causes for Stagnant, Negative Energy

Is the atmosphere in your home feeling a bit stagnant, like the energy just isn’t flowing? Are you feeling lethargic and unmotivated, or having trouble sleeping? Do you feel or experience spirits or entities in your space trying to disrupt you or your environment? It may be that the energy in your home or office has become stuck or stressed and needs to be cleansed, refreshed and rebalanced. 

Typical causes of bad, stale or chaotic energy requiring a house cleansing can be but not limited to:

Built up emotional stress

Accumulation of negative thought forms

Imprinted negative energy from previous residents

Unwanted energies from past guests or clients

Unresolved spirit entity or poltergeist activity

Space Cleansing: Remove Negative Energy, Restore Peace & Balance

There’s an invisible life force that flows through every environment, and when that energy moves freely, the space is filled with a vibrant, healthy vitality. But sometimes that flow gets blocked or becomes negative. A good energetic house cleansing for your home or as applied to an office space, might be sorely needed. Maybe you’ve brought stress home from your job, or you’re having frequent negative thoughts or emotions. These can get imprinted in your space and accumulate to create what’s almost like invisible “clutter” that slows down the energy and affects how you feel there.

In-Person Space Cleansing: $222 – 60 mins 

Energy Cleansing Tools for Clearing Home, Office or Land

Intuitive Psychic Guidance

Holographic Sound Healing

Reiki Energy Healing

Rainbow Sage

Selenite Wand

It’s always best to have someone knowledgeable do a professional space-clearing in your home, to fully transform the energy, Treatment is about 60 minutes and can be performed in-person or as a virtual session. Sound, sage and essential oils may be used in the cleansing process, so let us know if sensitive to sounds, scents or smoke. Travel fees may be required if outside the Dallas area.

Virtual Home & Office Cleansing

Space energy cleansing can be performed virtually or by distance for any space anywhere in the world. Kevin has years of experience facilitating energetic clearing for families and businesses without the need to be in person at the location. It is the same principle as distance or remote energy healing.

During the virtual session, we contact you via Zoom to have a brief chat about the space and to go over any information we receive when you requested the service or through the contact form you have filled out. You can send photos or videos of the space in advance of the session, but it is not necessary. After the brief discussion, we end the call. It is not required to be on Zoom or on a phone call during the session as the healing does not go through the smartphone or computer.

Kevin then will perform the session holographically as if he is present in that location, because virtually he is connected to you and the space spiritually. During the session he will be ably to detect any energetic disturbances and stale energy. The space will then be cleansed, balanced and refreshed. Afterward, we contact the client either by Zoom, phone or email to give a quick report on the session and recommendations to help move forward.

Virtual Cleansing: $222 – 60 mins 

Kevin Foresman Reiki Master Past Life Regression Hypnotist Holographic Sound Healer Personal Life Coach Enlumnia Dallas TX
Space Cleansing by Kevin Foresman

Kevin Foresman is passionate about helping his clients heal energetically. He provides a unique combination of energy healing services, past life regression, intuitive readings and spiritual life coaching.

His space cleansing technique involves being a clear channel for source energy to flow through and into the energetic fields of your living space. Through Reiki, holographic sound, sage burning and energetic cord cutting, he becomes a catalyst for renewal at your location.

As a psychic, Kevin reads the energetic signatures and is able to help negative spirits and stuck energy release into the light. His clients report immediate feelings of calm and relaxation within their cleansed environment. Now the homeowners can breath a little easier, deeply relax and enjoy their space in peace and tranquility.

Enlumnia: Positive Energy Healing at Home or Office Space

Enlumnia provides mindful healing services and wellness classes at Enlumnia Energetic Health and Wellness studio in Dallas, as well as virtual sessions and classes online. Enlumnia was co-founded by Reiki Master and Hypnotist Kevin Foresman, and Reiki Master and LMT Lisa Foresman. They provide energy healing  in many modalities, including Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Massage Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Reconnective Healing, Holographic Sound Healing, Past Life Regression and Spirit Contact Therapy. 

Kevin and Lisa own and operate Enlumnia in near Preston Hollow where they see their clients by appointment and their students during the week. They also livestream virtual sessions and classes through Zoom and Facetime for those who can not directly visit the spa or reside in other areas of the world.

Kevin and Lisa established Enlumnia as a healing beacon of light, energy and possibility. Kevin created the name Enlumnia, which means “a conscious realization of enlightenment and illumination.” The mission of Enlumnia is to present the power and wisdom of these healing traditions in a modern, practical manner without dogma or superstition. Their goals is to help their clients heal naturally, and to teach their students to self heal, overcome dis-ease, release trauma and personal obstacles, and become mindful participants in raising the consciousness of our planet one client at a time.