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Enlumnia Energy Healing & Spiritual Development Classes

Enlumnia offers energy healing and spiritual development classes to help you learn, grow and heal. Maybe you have an inner urging to learn Reiki to help heal yourself and others.  You may possibly be intrigued by spiritual subject and want to learn more. And many simply need a change, to break through old habits and non-productive belief systems. Wouldn’t it be great to educate yourself in the healing arts and meet other like minded individuals with similar desires and thirst for knowledge. At Enlumnia, all of this is possible!

Reiki Classes: Beginners, Advanced & Master Practitioner

Enlumnia offers Reiki classes at all levels to help you learn, grow and heal. Learn the Japanese art of subtle energy healing developed by Dr Makao Usui that has become the major energy healing modality in the world today. Our classes taught by Reiki Master Kevin and Lisa Foresman are fun and informative with plenty of hands on training to help you get started. Most Reiki classes are offered monthly and we also teach private classes to fit your busy schedule. We facilitate our classes in person at our offices in Dallas TX and online for anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Past Life Regression Workshop: Discover Your Past Lives

Enlumnia offers informative and entertaining Past Life Regression workshop to help you discover, experience and explore your past lives.  This workshop is facilitated by Hypnotist and Past Life Regression Specialist Kevin Foresman. The class will cover the history of past life regression, the difference between past life readings vs regression, various methods to explore past lives, and how to help heal your current life struggles and situations by releasing any old, stuck karmic energy that is affecting your present day incarnation.