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Enlumnia: Energy Healing to Manifest, Health, Wealth & Prosperity

Have you ever experience Reiki or other energy healing that just didn’t or no longer feels effective? Do you still feel stuck in old emotional habits or negative energy? Is it time let go of that which no longer serves you so you can truly manifest deep personal transformation? Are you ready to heal deeply so you can create the amazing life you deeply desire and deserve?

My friend, you are exactly who Enlumnia Healing was created for.  It’s not a coincidence that you have found this information, but rather synchronicity. It’s now time to upgrade your life and energetic self with Enlumnia Healing.

Enlumnia is a new, modern, quantum energy healing process channeled, created and developed by Reiki Master and Holographic Healer Kevin Foresman. Enlumnia energy healing combines axiatonal and holographic energetic balancing and realignment. This technique also integrates ancient spiritual wisdom into this modern method to create a truly evolutionary healing experince. Enlumnia aligns your chakras, meridians, body, mind and spirit with the ley lines and vibrational energies of Gaia, our planet Earth, along with the galactic frequencies of our Sun, Moon, Solar System Planets and other stars and galaxie, totally aligning you with the Universe. In doing so, Enlumnia reconnects you in this current incarnation with your multi coexisting interdimensional self. As you experience Enlumnia, you will be better able to heal and dissolve energetic blocks in order to truly manifest health, wellness, peace and prosperity. 

What is an Enlumnia Healing Session Like?

Enlumnia Healing is a unique life force energy healing experince. The technique is a non-touch healing modality versus other hands-on healing modalities. The Enlumnia healer channels the light, love and information needed for your own uniques energetic design and delivers this energy to your energetic self. As this energy is delivered to your energetic environment, your chakras, body, mind and spirit automatically respond and begin to adjust, calibrate and realign to your authentic soul and cellular self. Some fell little during the session, just relaxation and peace. Some feel energized. Others experience a sense of deep release. Others might experience the feeling of energy moving about their body, some feeling as if angelic hands are comforting them, and many perceiving colors and/or impressions co-created with the energy of Enlumnia and their 3rd eye. Everyone’s experince is unique and we can’t always predict what your unique experince will be.

The actual healing treatment is about 45 minutes long and administered with you laying upon a comfortable massage table or where you can comfortably sit or lie down in your home environment for distance Enlumnia via a Zoom session. There is nothing special for you to do on your part other than to let go, relax as deeply as possible and be open to receiving this energetic flow of energy. This experince may also eneble a detoxing afterglow which can last up to 3 weeks afterward. Enlumnia is available as an in-person experince at our location in Dallas, TX, or as an online virtual  experience via Zoom. Both sessions are equally as powerful as Enlumnia abounds our human notion of time and place, being a quantum and holographic healing modality. 

Enlumnia Healing

$333 – 60 mins

Enlumnia XL (Extra Love)

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Enlumnia XL

$444 – 90 mins

Enlumnia Coaching: Deep Healing Commitment to Transformation

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Enlumnia Coaching

$777 – 8 Week Program