Reiki 1 Class: In-Person Training Certification Dallas TX

Reiki Level 1 is a beginners class with no prerequisites. You will learn how to feel and tap into our own universal life force by scanning our energy. We’ll cover the basic history of Usui Reiki, discuss energy healing, and included is a brief overview of the chakras. You’ll receive an attunement  for Reiki 1, and you will be encouraged to use Reiki to scan, feel and heal yourself. Schedule below with either Lisa or Kevin

Class Investment: $299

Reiki 1 Class Summer 2024 Schedule

What To Expect in Reiki Classes

Enlumnia offers Reiki Classes at all levels at the Enlumnia Energy Spa in Dallas, TX. The classes are facilitated by Reiki Master Kevin and Lisa Foresman. Learn basic and advanced Reiki healing techniques and how to use them to self heal and to help family, friends, and others to heal. We teach Level 1, Advanced Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Master Level 3, including certification. Our courses are fun, informative and fast paced, including plenty of hands on training and class participation.

Expect a combination of lecture, discussion and training exercises. We will go over essential Reiki topics, including the history of Reiki, introduction to chakras, scanning and feeling energy, grounding,  and aligning your energy. You will also learn Reiki symbols and how to use them. Reiki attunement ceremonies are conducted during the classes.  By classes end, you will be able to demonstrate the 5 Reiki principles and gain a understanding of basic and advanced reiki techniques for self healing, and healing family, friends and clients.

Begin or continue your personal journey of  healing, knowledge and wisdom by becoming a lightworker in the tradition of Usui Reiki energy healing, and meet other like minded healers along the way.

Massage Therapists – Learn Reiki and incorporate this powerful modality into your massage practice to help your clients heal on a deeper energetic level and enhance your own self care.