Enlumnia: Heal, Learn & Transform

Enlumnia® is energetic health and wellness, a healing beacon of light, energy and possibility, a state of enlightenment and illumination. We provide an opportunity for you to heal, learn and transform. Our mission is to help you release what no longer serves your body, mind and spirit. We’re here to help you discover your unique divine purpose so you can successfully manifest health, wealth, abundance and prosperity into your life. 

Are you stressed out, anxious, depressed or exhausted? Stuck in blocked negative energy or trauma? Do your relationships seem empty leaving you feeling drained and neglected? Is your career unfulfilling and going nowhere no matter how long and hard you work? Do you sense a calling to learn how to deeply heal yourself but not sure where to start? Is it simply time for a change?

It’s time to remove the blocks that keep your inner light from shinning out into the world. Wouldn’t it be great to feel confident, secure and grounded, fearlessly living the life you desire and deserve?

We would be honored to help you reboot, realign and rejuvenate into a bright and shiny new true you. We believe that you can do this. We’re ready to guide you through transforming your wounds into wisdom. We’re excited to witness your growth and development.

Reboot, recharge, recover and begin to reinvent yourself starting today.  Book a FREE Zoom Consultation to learn about us, ask questions about our services, coaching and personal development courses. Let’s co-create the perfect path for you to begin your healing journey with Enlumnia. We look forward to healing with you soon!

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Energy Healing for Body, Mind & Spirit

Soul Therapy: Learn, Heal & Evolve

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Transformative Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you feel burned out from life’s daily responsibilities? Are you feeling stuck in your relationships? Is it time to reinvent yourself and change careers for a more fulfilling lifestyle? Do you fear change?

If you resonate with these dilemmas, you’re a perfect candidate for Enlumnia Coaching. It’s time to allow yourself the personal freedom to make new, better healthy choices, begin the deep healing work to get unstuck, manifest a new beautiful and brilliant you, discover liberation from what no longer serves you, and create the life you deserve that is your birthright. Here are a few of our current coaching opportunities:

Realize your true potential and transform with Enlumnia Coaching

Reiki Classes, Training & Certification

Do you ever feel the calling within yourself to learn about energy healing, reiki, chakra balancing or pendulums? Learn how to heal yourself and others, and even maybe create a whole new career in healing. Kevin and Lisa Foresman conduct engaging, fun and informative classes, training and certification so you can follow yourhearts desire and calling to become a healer in your family and community.

Upcoming Reiki Classes by Enlumnia

Learn Reiki to heal yourself and our world.

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About Us: Kevin & Lisa Foresman

Kevin Foresman is a Reiki Master, Past Life Regression Hypnotist, Mindfulness Meditation Trainer, Master Holographic Sound Healer and Ordained Non-Denominational Minister. Kevin has been practicing the art of in-person and long distance healing for nearly two decades. He is a gifted natural channel of life force energy and spiritual wisdom. At Enlumnia, Kevin is committed to helping you release what no longer serves you, access higher levels of consciousness, health, prosperity and wellness, and manifest the life you truly desire and deserve. 

Lisa Foresman is a Reiki Master, LMT, Sound Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, Human Design and Gene Keys specialist, Tarot Oracle Card Reader and Spiritual Life Coach. She believes that the healer is within each individual person and that the most important journey in this lifetime is the deep knowing and care of one’s own body, mind and spirit. At Enlumnia, her commitment is to support and guide you in your healing and spiritual growth so you can live your heart’s highest truth by embodying peace, love, joy and wisdom. 

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